Statutory Compliance

This includes Monitoring regulatory compliances & filing of necessary returns / records with appropriate authorities. We offer compliance services for the following:

  • Comprehensive audit of all labour related records for an establishment/ Organisation

  • Status determination

  • Criticality analysis of risk exposure or liability

  • Expert consultation and solution based presentation for decision making and course correction

For any successful organization, sound compliance of various laws is very important. Without proper legal foundation, organizations can not grow and survive. They may invite serious problems from govt. Agencies, employees etc. Complying with these labour laws is a tedious task as it involves a lot of paper work like challans, returns, forms, etc and is a laborious job. We will work in co-ordination with your Human Resource Department and carry out the compliance on your behalf on regular monthly basis. This service also includes attending yearly assessments, inspections, and hearings, if any on behalf of the company.

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